Welcome Alumni


All alumni are encouraged to join HuskyNation – an efficient, effective way to stay connected through the Alumni Directory, Alumni Career Link, Class Notes, and Email Forwarding. See the Northeastern Alumni website for more information about how to sign up for HuskyNation.

Recent Alumni

If those who have completed graduation requirements (or have left the university) within the last calendar year are considered recent alumni. These individuals maintain access to university accounts and systems similar to that of a current student for one year:

  • myNEU – Upon completion of graduation requirements, your account will transition to an alumni status. What you see on the myNEU portal will change, as only the relevant aspects of the portal related to your new status as an alum will be available. Your myNEU credentials (username and password) will continue to provide access to several different university systems, including NUwave.
  • HuskyMail/G-apps – Alumni retain access to HuskyMail and G-apps after graduation (2013 going forward) unless you request to remove the service.
  • Northeastern Printing Plan – The annual printing credit on your HuskyCard is refreshed every September, so any remaining balance will disappear at this time.


Alumni Email Account FAQs
NUwave-guest Wireless Access
Husky Nation

Alumni Account FAQs

Can alumni open a new myNEU account?
No, myNEU accounts are only available to current students and recent alumni.

When and how can I sign up for my permanent @alumni.neu.edu email forwarding account?
Students graduating in 2013 and forward retain their HuskyMail account as alumni. Additionally, three months after your graduation date, you are eligible to sign up for your permanent @alumni.neu.edu email forwarding account. This allows you to give out an @alumni.neu.edu email address that can forward to any email account of your choosing. Visit the Alumni Online Community (HuskyNet) to sign up.

NUwave-guest Wireless Access

NUwave-guest, the open-access (not secured) wireless network, is available in administrative and classroom buildings, as well as the libraries. NUwave-guest allows alumni and other visitors to use NUwave-guest while on campus. With NUwave-guest you will have limited Internet access to most browser-based applications, email and your own VPN. To access NUwave-guest you will need to register through a guest wireless portal page, which you will be directed to when you connect to NUwave-guest.

For more information, see the NUwave-guest page or contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP).

Husky Nation

Offered by the Office of Alumni Relations, Husky Nation is Northeastern University’s online community for alumni. This includes full access to the alumni directory, class notes, alumni classifieds and your email forwarding account. Additional information on alumni benefits and perks can be found on the Northeastern Alumni website.