myKnowledge – FAQ

Where can I find myKnowledge?
You can access myKnowledge directly from the Information Technology Services website and on the myNEU portal. It is also a a link inside myHelp, the ITS Service Catalog (requires your myNEU login).

How do I log in to myKnowledge?
You do not need to log in to see most of the Northeastern-specific content. For solutions which contain information restricted to those affiliated with the university (such as details about classroom technology) or content provided by the knowledge base vendor on a wide range of applications, use your myNEU username and password to login directly to myKnowledge. If you are already logged in to myNEU or myHelp, simply click on the myKnowledge link.

Who can use myKnowledge?
The ITS knowledge base is available to everyone.

How can I save a solution I use frequently?
If you have logged in to myKnowledge, you can save a frequently used solution by clicking on “Add to Favorites” in the lower left side of the solution to add it to your Favorites.

Is there a way to see solutions for just the technologies I use?
If you have logged in to myKnowledge, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on Preferences to select the subject areas which apply to equipment or applications you use.

What can I do to get fewer results displayed?
myKnowledge searches for each word in your search string. If you want to narrow your results, use a plus sign (+) between words that should be treated as one unit, for example, Outlook+2010 or myNEU+password. You can also limit your results by clicking on the Attribute that applies to your role at Northeastern – faculty/staff, enrolled student, alum, etc.

Can I print a solution?
Yes, you can print from the solution by clicking the Print button on the left side of the screen.

Can I email a solution?
If you have logged into myKnowledge, clicking on the email icon will connect you to your Northeastern email account.

What do I do if I think the answer is wrong or a link doesn’t work?
You can use the “Replies for this topic” link at the bottom of the solution to send a comment or a question to the Knowledge base content editors. Your contributions are appreciated.

Updated March 2015