SharePoint Migration to Office 365

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As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the technology and information services we provide to the Northeastern community, we are upgrading our SharePoint collaboration tool to SharePoint Online, part of the suite of offerings included in Office 365. For more information on the migration, please go to the SharePoint Migration to Office 365 Project Page.

ITS is dedicated to rolling out the various features of Office 365 in a measured approach. SharePoint Online is the next step in this progression. ITS began in October 2014 with migration of all faculty, staff and sponsored account email, as well as role-based access to certain software applications and services. In September 2015, we implemented OneDrive and in June 2016 we introduced Lync/Skype for Business.

Beginning with a pilot group in August, ITS will work with selected departments or colleges to migrate their sites to SharePoint on Office 365 on a rolling schedule through the fall of 2016.

What is SharePoint on Office 365?
At its core, SharePoint Online on Office 365 is the same as the Northeastern-hosted service you recognize, but it is now provided online as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications.

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There are many benefits of migrating to SharePoint Online on Office 365, including:

  • Tighter Integration with Office 365 – Office 365 is already a “one stop shop” for email, calendar, Skype, OneDrive, and productivity applications like Word and Excel. Moving to Office 365’s SharePoint Online will provide a more seamless user experience.
  • Support for Multiple Browsers and Devices – SharePoint on Office 365 provides better support for a wider variety of browsers and devices.
  • Enhanced End User Experience – SharePoint on Office 365 offers improved search functionality, easier navigation and an updated look and feel that is in line with current web functionality.
  • More Frequent Software Updates – Updates are made as they become available, decreasing the time it takes for you to be able to leverage new features and functionality.
  • Increase in Reliability and Security – Moving to SharePoint on Office 365 allows us to increase reliability and security in a way that is most economical to the university

Phased Implementation
A representative pilot will take place in August, which will inform the schedule for the fall. More details coming soon!

More Information
Within the next few weeks, ITS will begin contacting SharePoint site owners to initiate detailed plans for a successful migration and help to minimize impact during this important transition. We will also provide project updates here on our website and communicate with the university community as the project progresses. Training and support to help with the transition will be provided as well.

Want to find out more about SharePoint Online on Office 365? Check out the following resources to learn more:

If you have any questions, contact the SharePoint Migration Team at

Migration Questions?
For more information and updates on the migration, please go to the SharePoint Migration to Office 365 Project Page.

myNEU Customer Experience Project

Northeastern University is embarking on a strategic cross-functional initiative to replace the current myNEU portal with an experience that provides an enhanced, more social, and up-to-date experience. This project is an opportunity for Northeastern to holistically approach the online experience for all community members, as it is the first, and longest lasting, ‘touchpoint’ during one’s time at the university. Additionally, replacing the myNEU portal is a chance for Northeastern to provide a platform that is flexible, agile, and more tailored to those that use it.


Replace the existing myNEU experience to provide a social, personalized, customizable, integrated, and cohesive action oriented experience for the user that guides them through their entire lifecycle at Northeastern.


  • An evolution from myNEU, which is a legacy platform, to a modern experience that provides a personalized customer journey.
  • An integrated and cohesive experience for the user that guides them through their entire lifecycle at Northeastern (Admitted students, Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents, Alumni, etc.).
  • An experience that can be delivered to “any device, any time, any where”.
  • A social experience that enables interaction between community members.


The myNEU portal was launched in 2002 as a centralized location to provide one stop shopping for collaboration and transactions. Over time, it has become a secure and efficient center for transactional processing, and there is a need to evolve it to a center for collaboration and engagement with defined content strategy for the user experience.

The myNEU portal was initially created using technology built pre-Facebook, pre-social media revolution, pre-smartphone, pre-tablet and pre-online streaming video sites. There is an opportunity to have a new online destination that leverages the latest technology to provide a satisfactory experience to customers.

At the same time, customer expectations have changed; today, customers expect a mobile/responsive, dynamic user experience that is more visually engaging, and that is customizable and personalized. The existing portal will be enhanced to be more user-friendly, providing the customer direct, easy, and searchable access to the information they deem important.

Northeastern University today operates on a global scale with multiple graduate campuses in the United States and Canada, international coops, study abroad programs and global research opportunities. All of these areas encompass one Northeastern, and a new portal will support the experience and connections across the world.


Students, faculty, staff, and all other stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback to Feedback will be compiled on a regular basis and presented to the various members of the project team involved with the development of a new customer experience platform.

Completed Milestones

March 2016 – Functional Team Kickoff
April 2016 – Discovery Phase
May 2016 – RFI sent to potential vendors


More updates coming soon.