Support Network

A Comprehensive Support Network

Your well-being is our priority. Northeastern’s extensive, caring support network is there for you throughout your academic career at the University.

The International Student & Scholar Institute acts as a dedicated resource to assist, support and enhance your Northeastern education. From finding you way around campus and Boston to submitting government paperwork and adapting to local culture, the ISSI is here to help.

Academic Advisors who know you and your program, and who will support and advise your throughout your studies—will guide and support you: from arranging for academic tutors if you need assistance to helping you plan your course load and making sure you have completed the course of studies for your program or degree.

The Center for Spirituality, Dialog, and Service: Regardless of your religion or faith, you’ll be able to practice it in Northeastern’s nurturing environment. The Center for Spirituality, Dialog, and Service offers programs for people of all faiths. Religious leaders from many spiritual paths are here to serve you. The office is located at 203 Ell Hall.

University Health and Counseling – Onsite medical and behavioral health teams make sure you receive prompt and compassionate care and support. UHCS is located on the 1st floor of Forsyth Hall