Boston: World-class City

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has the characteristics of a sophisticated European city with beautifully preserved buildings and historic sites. But Boston isn’t all about the past.  A thriving center of commerce, finance, biotechnology and medicine, Boston is a forward-looking city and an incubator for thought-leaders in many fields.

More than 18 million people visit the city annually, making it a top tourist destination.  It is home to an internationally-acclaimed symphony, a wealth of museums and galleries, bustling nightlife, theatre, concerns, sporting events, shopping, exquisite dining and more. To learn more about Boston, visit

The Dartmouth Street entrance of the main branch of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square.

Getting Around

Boston is a great city for walking and biking. The benefit of living in an urban setting is the easy access to major attractions via Boston’s bus and subway system called the “T.”  For USD $59, you can purchase a monthly pass (called a “Charlie Card”) with unlimited access to subway and local bus routes.

Boston is also home to a major international airport and one of the nation’s busiest train stations right in downtown Boston.  So you can get anywhere you need to go with ease.

Ways to get around Boston:

“T” routes, schedules and much more: 

Zip Cars

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