Life in Boston

One of the oldest cities in the United States, today’s Boston is a thriving center of commerce and finance, an incubator for thought leaders in many fields, and a hub of research in biotechnology and medicine. It also is a city of safe and livable neighborhoods, historic sites, mature parks and public gardens, and architectural beauty.

Since college is a great time to explore the world, there is no better place to start than Boston. A global destination for college students, Boston is a world-class metropolitan city and a vibrant center of culture and intellectual life. The 30 colleges and universities in Boston draw over 250,000 students to the region every year. With over 35,000 international students attending schools in Massachusetts—with the largest number of those students in Greater Boston—the city is alive with their energy!

Welcome to Boston!

An afternoon in Boston Public Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the United States.