Model Arab League

Capital Area Regional Model Arab League (CARMAL)

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

CARMAL 2014The Capital Area Regional Model Arab League conference is part of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations Collegiate Conference Group. We first attended the CARMAL conference in 2014. The conference features schools from five different states and the District of Columbia, including several who attend Nationals. CARMAL provides an unique environment for newer delegates on the team to experience collegiate debate while also traveling to a conference.

Our team at CARMAL
Northeastern University is growing our involvement in the Capital Area Regional Model Arab League Conference. We attended the conference with delegations of 18 students. This includes conference leadership, with members of our school holding both assistant secretary general positions as well as secretary general positions. In 2014 we received the multiple delegate awards as well as overall delegation awards, with our team who represented Jordan receiving first.


 National University Model Arab League

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

578279_436461363039294_978960968_n This is the most prestigious Model Arab League in the country.  22-24 schools come to Washington, DC, comprising the very best MAL teams from each of the Regional conferences.  In addition the schools attend meetings with the diplomats from the countries in which they represent, visit embassies, and tour the city.  Students, selected through a competitive application process, run the conference’s academic and logistical elements. In all, the conference offers an exceptional learning and leadership environment.

Our team at NUMAL

2012 NUMAL Team at Syrian Embassy

2012 NUMAL Team at Syrian Embassy

Northeastern is one of the oldest participants in the Nationals conference. In its infancy, we fielded as many as three small delegations to the conference.  In its current form, NU brings one team with an average of 24 students and advisors.  Our team includes at minimum, 16 representatives of our state, conference staff, and team leadership. Every year since 2001, NU has held at least one leadership position.  In some years this has expanded to over half the student leadership at the conference, and NU has held the Secretary Generalship (the highest position in the conference) five times in the past 10 years.  On top of holding these honors the IRC has performed incredibly well.  Starting in 2001, NU began a legacy of award winning performances at the conference.  This has culminated in more recent years, at which NU has placed in the top 5 teams annually. Our recent performance is as follows:

2013: First Place, Representing Qatar

2012: First Place, Representing Syria

2011:  First Place, Representing Algeria

2010:  First Place, Representing Saudi Arabia

2009:  Second Place, Representing Iraq

2008:  First Place, Representing Kuwait

2007:  Third Place, Representing Egypt

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