Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is a broader group of club leadership that meets once a month in order to help guide the overall direction of the club and determine future programming. The BOD currently consists of the following individuals.

To contact any of these individuals please email, and it will be forwarded to the correct person.

  • Parliamentarian: Will Joyce
  • Assistant Parliamentarian: Gavin Jones
  • Webmaster: Katie Braggins
  • SGA Senator: Alex Carlin
  • Chair of Committee on Recruitment, Retention, and Branding: Jillian Whelan
  • Director of Fundraising: Miranda Beggin
  • Director of Conference Recruitment: Merlinda Xharda


  • NATO Head Delegates: Jane Rudy, Bridget Oliviera
  • MCMUN Head Delegates: Cameron Eide, Brie Barbaro
  • NUMAL Head Delegates: Elise LeCrone, Muji Ali
  • IMUN Secretary General: TBD
  • IMUN Assistant Secretary General: TBD
  • RMUN Secretary General: TBD
  • RMUN Assistant Secretary General: TBD
  • BMAL Secretary General: TBD
  • BMAL Assistant Secretary General: TBD
  • NERMAL Secretary General: Stephanie Leahy
  • Director of Campus Events: Bridget Oliviera
  • President Emeritus: Elise LeCrone, Will Joyce, Steve McKanas

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