10/31/12 EBoard Meeting

  • Need to know who is going to be the lead and second-lead in every cabinet, and positions in cabinets, and everyone assigned by Election Watch Party (11/6/12)
    • We have 90 people to assign (required for both MUN/NATO)
    • NAC, Russia, Germany, Poland vs. Belarus, Ukraine
  • Any conversations with outgoing dean? (Before 11/15)
    • BOD Recruitment/Retention proposals: funding for UPMUNC (with possibility for reallocation), perhaps something for Model EU
    • Fine, everyone in agreement to propose a permanent budget increase to allocate for new conferences next week.
  • Discussion on best special BOD meetings:
    • Sunday 11, 4-6pm
    • and Sunday 18 3-5pm
      • Final Decision of the two meeting times
  • Nationals or Southeast HD Applications?
    • Only one applicant thus far
  • NATO – 3 more delegates?
  • Discussion of desire for NAC partners
  • HDs out of committee
  • NAC partners will not speak. Is it worth it for training purposes?
  • Groom them to be better delegate, whether for NAC or to lead in other committee
  • Decision pending VP Events approval: E-Board will allow up to 27 with two conditions:
    • All committees must be filled before NAC can be filled
    • Out of committee delegate only after NAC is filled
  • NUMAL – 2 extra secretariat this year (26 total delegates)
    • AHDs? Mandating them? HDs don’t think they need them, but their delegates do.
  • Barkus – deferring travel for spot in MAL
  • Fall selection committee:
    • Does it have the power to reserve spots for MAL?
    • How should they make their decisions with regards to MAL travel?
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