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Far From Ordinary

International co-op students take huge leaps to distant locales. And learn life-altering lessons. - By Elaine McArdle

At two or three in the morning, in a near-vacant airport terminal in a rough area of Johannesburg, South Africa, Brittany Hutchinson began to wonder if maybe she’d made a serious mistake.

Traveling solo to a co-op at a wildlife preserve in Namibia, exhausted by an emotional departure from her close-knit family and an eighteen-hour flight from Boston, Hutchinson was stuck overnight on a layover.

She’d canceled her cell phone before she left home and didn’t have Internet access in the terminal. She felt completely alone. Read More >>

Generational Pull

When Northeastern co-op students work alongside Northeastern grads, the energy that results means everybody wins. - By Karen Feldscher

Mechanical engineering senior Kareem Ghobrial says his supervisor at General Electric went out of her way to get him started on a great career path.

At EMC, senior Jason Harland reports the folks he works for really appreciate his work ethic and knowledge of electrical engineering.

Over at Deloitte, Sarah Caruso and Bobby Carson, both accounting and finance majors, believe they were given challenging, satisfying work in part because, as Northeastern co-op students, they were labeled quick learners. Read More >>

For Goodness' Sake

In addition to building their resumés, a growing number of students are using their co-ops to build a more hopeful world. - By Karen Feldscher

They’re not tempted by the idea of earning big bucks, or attaining some high-flying title.

The jobs these students want are frequently hot, dirty, and difficult. Sometimes downright depressing. More often than not, low-paying.

But this doesn’t faze them. These young men and women want a challenging career devoted to doing good in the world. Read More >>