Education Co-ops

Adelante Abroad – Chile

Adelante- Mexico



Arabeya Association

Bahcesehir University

Bali Global Foundation

Bright Horizons- United Kingdom

Connect-1-2-3 South Africa

Connect-1-2-3- Argentina

Cordoba Children’s Orphanage

Deshpande Foundation- India


Foundation for Sustainable Development – Bolivia

Foundation for Sustainable Development – India

Foundation for Sustainable Development – Kenya

Foundation for Sustainable Development – Uganda

Harpswell Foundation

International Center for Development Studies

Ion Education

Jiahua Language School

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya


Little Red Bilingual School

Littlefield Home

Ocean Academy- Social Change through Peace Games- Belize

Projects Abroad – Bolivia

Projects Abroad – Ethiopia

Projects Abroad – Ghana

Projects Abroad – Mongolia

Projects Abroad – Peru

Projects Abroad – Romania

Projects Abroad – Senegal

Projects Abroad – South Africa

Queen Mary, University of London

San Juan de Miraflores School, Peru- Geovisions

Soroptimist of Marrakech House for the Schooling of Rural Girls

St. Andrew’s Refugee Services

The San Fransico Orphanage-Costa Rica


The co-op opportunities listed on this website are available for Academic Year 2011 - 2012 and are representative of the opportunities available for the upcoming co-op cycle. However, because co-op opportunities change according to co-op cycle, some jobs listed on this site may not be available at this time. Students are highly encouraged to search for jobs on COOL, and/or contact an international co-op counselor for more up-to-date opportunities.