The Employer Hiring Process

International Co-op Get Started

The Director of International Co-op can advise you about the students who are actively looking for work, what types of tasks are appropriate for a co-op, and how other employers are benefiting from hiring a co-op. The majority of students, who are looking to go abroad, have already completed one to two co-ops in their field which provides them 6 months to 1 year experience to bring to an organization. We have a vast majority of majors at Northeastern; ranging from marketing to communication studies to engineering and computer science. Visit our academic programs page for more information:

Seven Simple Steps to Get Started

Identify your needs

You will be assigned a co-op coordinator who will advise you about what level and what type of students are available for international co-op, and what particular tasks are appropriate for a co-op position, and how Northeastern students can benefit your organization.

Submit a job description

The job description should describe your company and the position to be filled, the job requirements and the pay range. Employers generally submit the job description at least four to five months before the start of the upcoming co-op work period to be able to participate in the full referral cycle.

Connect with your co-op coordinator

The Director of International coop and senior co-op consultants identify appropriate candidates and forwards the resumes to you for review. You then select the students that you wish to interview,commuicate that with your assigned coordinator. Then you may choose to interview the student(s) via phone, in person, or Skype if available.

Hire, train, and oversee students

Make the final selection and after students begin work, provide the necessary orientation and job training. About 6 weeks into the cycle students will meet with you to discuss specific goals for the co-op period.

Evaluate your co-op student

Complete an online evaluation form and exit interview at the end of the six-month co-op assignment for each student.

Cultivating Future Talent

Co-op students meet a lot of organizational work requirements that benefit your company’s immediate needs. Why not seize this opportunity to develop your future employee pool and consider the co-op assignment a trial period before you make a full-time job offer and commitment.