Student Profiles

Far from home, but still celebrating the 4th


Northeastern University students on international co-ops may be scattered in dozens of countries around the globe, but that isn’t stopping them from celebrating Independence Day this weekend.

Human trafficking in Thailand


For the last five months I have been working at the Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities Centre in Mae Sai, the northernmost city in Thailand. The NGO was established in 1989 to work on the prevention side of the trafficking of women and children into the sex industry or other exploitative child labor situations.

From undergraduate paper to global policy document


It’s not often than an undergraduate term paper turns into an internationally circulated policy document. But that’s exactly what happened to Tori Porell, a sophomore international affairs major at Northeastern University, who is wrapping up a six-month co-op at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) in Switzerland.

Using the arts to foster cultural learning


When David Royster arrived in Indonesia in February for his first international co-op, he felt well prepared to teach a course on global citizenship, civic engagement and cultural celebration at the Bali Global Boarding School. The international affairs and political science combined major had already spent time in Southeast Asia, and had worked with international students as an admissions counselor for Northeastern University’s Global Pathways program.

Overseas, reaction to bin Laden’s death muted

A man watches television news broadcast

On Sunday night, thousands of Americans turned out in the streets of Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and other cities to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Medical co-op delivers on student’s wish


Third-year biology student Pritika Patel squeezed into a closet-sized makeshift emergency room at a public health clinic in Cape Town, South Africa, to help a woman give birth to twins.

Working to end age-old strife

Tess McCarthy

Promoting religious tolerance among Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland has encouraged Northeastern University junior Tess McCarthy to consider a career in conflict resolution among Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.

Calculating her every move


For senior Jessica Kong, a co-op in Germany last year meant discovering a passion for consulting and getting a first-hand perspective on how international business operates.

Battling AIDS one “Goal” at a time


While on co-op in India last year, Northeastern University third-year student Rushika Shekhar spent her days engaging young women at risk for HIV/AIDS through team sports and healthy-living sessions. Along with providing empowering messages to these girls, she learned a few lessons of her own.

Quick thinking, in two languages

jay lamotte

As a marketing event with a leading airline company was coming to an end in Nice, France, Jason LaMotte’s work was just beginning. LaMotte, who was on co-op at the communications firm Open2Europe in Paris, had three short hours to transcribe the entire press conference from French to English so the agency could quickly generate coverage in other countries across Europe.