Student Profiles

A rewarding six months on the trading floor

Sam Landsberg

Northeastern student Sam Landsberg said his co-op with the global investment banking, securities and investment management firm Goldman Sachs International in London, “was one of the most rewarding chapters of my life.”

Antarctica research co-op leaves an impression

Corey Allard

In April, Corey Allard became the first Northeastern University undergraduate to work on co-op in Antarctica. Now back on campus, he is reflecting on his tremendous opportunity to conduct significant climate-change research in an environment unlike anywhere on Earth.

Handball adds local flavor to co-op in Germany

Michael Waite

Michael Waite’s co-op work in Germany — engaging in political outreach and helping to run a small business — gave him some pretty full days. Considering Waite also played for a German handball team and bonded with his foreign teammates, the senior sociology major came away with a profound international experience.

Shedding light on a protein, and a future


While on a research co-op in London, senior Brendon Kellner investigated the inner workings of certain proteins through state-of-the-art ultrafast lasers. These lasers generate light pulses for only a tiny fraction of a second, but the impact of his experiential learning opportunity will last far longer.

After Peru, it’s can-do


Shadowing doctors, dressing wounds and administering antibiotics on co-op at a public health clinic in Cusco, Peru, inspired Northeastern University student Shane Smith to consider a new challenge: medical school.

Design dreams come true in Shanghai

Kyle Jonasen

Northeastern University senior Kyle Jonasen dreams of designing custom-built homes and showrooms.

His co-op job with Zero Lab Office, an architectural studio and design lab in Shanghai, China, helped prepared him for this future and inspired his career outlook: After he graduates in May, Jonasen plans to earn a master’s degree in architecture from Northeastern, find a job at an architecture firm in China or Korea, and then start a small studio with a team of young colleagues.

Battling AIDS one “Goal” at a time


While on co-op in India last year, Northeastern University third-year student Rushika Shekhar spent her days engaging young women at risk for HIV/AIDS through team sports and healthy-living sessions. Along with providing empowering messages to these girls, she learned a few lessons of her own.

Calculating her every move


For senior Jessica Kong, a co-op in Germany last year meant discovering a passion for consulting and getting a first-hand perspective on how international business operates.

A world of good

Megan Kassick

Fifteen years ago, second-grader Megan Kassick threw on a long white lab coat, slung a stethoscope over her shoulder and proclaimed her goal of becoming a physician

‘Making the most’ of global opportunities


For his first international co-op, lifelong New England resident Chris Turney embarked on a journey to work for IBM in Bangalore, India. Though it may have been out of his comfort zone, the business major met the opportunity with passion and curiosity.