Student Profiles

A Life-​​Saving Relief Mission


“Never under­es­ti­mate what you can do”

Fighting poverty with social business

“It was incred­ible seeing that kind of poverty”

Shaping employee development

“Pitching a company-​​wide employee devel­op­ment pro­gram to a room full of exec­u­tives in Ger­many taught North­eastern Uni­ver­sity senior Angela Loporto how to achieve suc­cess in a pro­fes­sional environment”

Popular search: Student gives co-​​op experience high ranking

“she con­sid­ered pur­suing a posi­tion in pub­lishing, but ulti­mately sur­prised her­self when she accepted a co-​​op posi­tion at a Bristol, United Kingdom-​​based mar­keting and search-​​engine-​​optimization com­pany”

Engineering solutions for developing nations


“When you’re working in a devel­oping country, you have to approach things com­pletely dif­fer­ently”

A force for good in Uganda

William Bratches

“It was a whole dif­ferent world”

Journalism student thrives in overseas news industry

Anthony Sav­vides

“I enjoy being out of my com­fort zone because it pushes me to my limits”

In Germany, fifth-​​year student finds science and self

Dessislava Bogoeva traveled to Germany for two international co-ops and a semester study abroad.

“Going abroad makes you very strong and inde­pen­dent. You return home com­pletely trans­formed”

Teaching entrepreneurship in South Africa


“I couldn’t have imag­ined a better experience.”

Hong Kong co-​​op bridges diplomacy and business


Fei has been working with about 100 small and medium-sized British com­pa­nies looking to estab­lish them­selves in the Hong Kong market.