What you need to know

  • Q: Who is eligible for International Co-op?
    All full-time Northeastern students are eligible for International Co-op. There are even opportunities for first-time co-op’s.
  • Q: Where do I start?
    Firstly, please attend one of our info-sessions on campus for more information on the opportunities and then schedule an appointment with the appropriate counselor via our website.
  • Q: What happens if I do not get offered the job?
    If you do not get offered a position abroad the international co-op team will work hard to try and locate another international opportunity for you. Otherwise, you should touch base with your co-op coordinator to find something domestic.
  • Q: How do I find housing in my host country?
    The housing situation abroad varies according to location. For example, some companies offer their employees housing while others do not. In many cases we put students in touch with past students for helpful tips regarding housing resources or connect them with the Co-op Connections Office.
  • Q: What support do I have while I am abroad?
    All students will go through a pre-departure orientation session conducted by the International Co-op Office. Orientation sessions will go over essential information including logistics, safety, insurance, and travel. Northeastern University provides all students with International SOS. In addition to this source students will be required to have healthcare insurance that has international coverage.You are always welcome to get in touch with your international co-op counselor. Our team is here to support you but you are also expected to act wisely and be responsible in your host country!