International Co-op Process

The International Co-op process is a collaborative effort between you, your primary Co-op Faculty Coordinator, and your International Co-op Counselor, all of whom will be integral to the process.

To begin, you should:

  1. Attend one of our info-sessions to get more information about the program and the opportunities on offer.
  2. Meet with your primary Co-op Faculty Coordinator in person to discuss your interest in International Co-op. Your specific coordinator is listed on your Banner account. Ask them to release you for International Co-op.
  3. Make an appointment with the appropriate International Co-op Counselor to begin exploring countries and opportunities that might interest you. Who should I meet with?


Throughout the semester, you will be working closely with both your Co-op Faculty Coordinator and your International Co-op Counselor. It is important to keep each informed about your search process.

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

  • Releases you to search for international and domestic co-ops
  • Works with you to search for domestic jobs
  • Approves self-developed international co-ops
  • Approves notation of your completed co-op on your academic transcript
  • Meets with you for your Co-op Reflection meeting at the end of your experience, which varies based on major and college

International Co-op Counselor

  • Provides guidance during your search for potential international co-ops
  • Grants access to forms and documents:
    • Visas
    • SOS Insurance
    • Emergency Protocols
    • Other necessary legal paperwork
  • Serves as your primary contact while abroad
  • Directs you to resources which may be able to help you find international housing
  • Hosts the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation
It is important to copy both of these people on every email so that both are kept up-to-date.

Special Considerations

  • If you are developing your own International Co-op, you must have the position approved by your Co-op Faculty Coordinator. Your International Co-op Counselor will help you with the necessary pre-departure documents and it is mandatory that you attend the Pre-Departure Orientation. If you fail to meet with both advisers you will not be officially placed on co-op, and subsequently will be considered withdrawn from the university.
  • All international students must meet with ISSI before co-op, even they are returning to their home country.
  • You can also continue to search for domestic opportunities with your primary Co-op Faculty Coordinator to increase your odds of successfully finding a placement.

Before leaving for International Co-op

  • You must attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation held by the International Co-op Office.
  • Be sure you have completed all of your necessary pre-departure documents.
  • Fill out the Travel Log through your MyNEU “Services and Links” tab.

While on International Co-op

  • Your International Co-op Counselor is your primary contact if you have any problems while you are out of the country, but also make sure to inform your Co-op Faculty Coordinator so they may both assist you.

Returning from International Co-op

  • You must complete all of the reflection and evaluation materials required by your Co-op Faculty Coordinator.
  • You will be asked to provide feedback to the International Co-op Office about your experience abroad.