About The International Co-op Office


The International Co-op Program assists Northeastern students to pursue a six-month international experiential learning opportunity in over 70 countries, with a wide range of international organizations.  Working and living in another country presents some challenges, but as the students overcome these challenges, they gain intercultural competency, international exposure, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. At Northeastern, international cooperative education is a great way for students to develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to feel comfortable anywhere in the world.

The Presidential Global Scholars Program provides financial aid for students that are interested in International Co-op. This money helps students cover the additional expenses often associated with such opportunities. We encourage you to discuss the guidelines of the Presidential Global Scholars Program with one of the international co-op counselor’s in the Office of International Co-op. These counselors work in tandem with the co-op coordinators in the individual colleges.

The International Co-op Office has a visa specialist. Please note the visa advice and services are only for Northeastern students that are pursuing International Co-ops.

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