Northeastern Policies & Procedures

Travel Documents

  • Valid Passport expiration date should be at least 6 months after your scheduled return. Requirements can vary, it is best to check with the embassy of the destination country.
  • Reviewed any visa requirements for entry to the destination country and or secured any necessary transit visas. State Department Travel Warning List for international travelers.
  • Ensured that you have your insurance identification card with policy number, and 24 hour contact information.
  • Have photocopies of your passport, visa, credit cards, I-20, if you have one, and contact information for lost credit cards, emergency contact information for your program, and family.

Destination Preparation

  • Registered for SmartTraveler sponsored by the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for U.S. citizens. International travelers should check with their home consular offices.
  • Reviewed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Warning Notices.
  • Consulted a doctor to receive any necessary vaccinations and to discuss other behavioral and physical health needs specific to your location.
  • Contacted your health insurance company to verify coverage while you are away and to secure information regarding procedures for obtaining and paying for medical care.
  • Planned for any prescription medications that you might require while traveling. Some may not be permitted in large quantities at your destination and may need additional documentation.
  • Visited the Northeastern WorldAware, powered by iJet, travel advice site to learn about the risks and culture of your intended destination(s).
  • Downloaded the Worldcue Mobile app onto your mobile device.
  • Investigated your options for phone service and have an emergency communication plan with family in the event you lose your phone.
  • Notified all bank and credit card companies of your travel plans