If an emergency arises overseas, who do I contact?

The university provides traveler on sponsored programs with emergency response resources.  In the event of a university travelers needs assistance, call one of the following options:

  1. The local emergency number.  Travelers should fully understand the capabilities of the host nation prior to arriving at your destination.  Email iso@northeastern.edu to request information about a host nation's emergency services.
  2. Call WorldAware's 24/7 Response Operations Center (ROC) at +1 312.470.3108.  The ROC will connect travelers with health and safety resources around the world.
  3. Northeastern Police at the non-emergency number +1.617.373.2121 or emergency number +1.617.373.3333.

If traveling in an organized trip (e.g., Dialogue, Alternative Spring Break etc.) contact your trip leader to information them about the emergency.  The trip leader is responsible for completing an incident report once the emergency has subsided.

If you are not part of a group (e.g., Coop, study abroad, meeting etc.), call Northeastern Police at the non-emergency number +1.617.373.2121 or emergency number +1.617.373.3333. NUPD will then contact the other appropriate offices or organizations who can further assist you in managing the emergency.  NUPD will ensure your program advisor, supervisor, or department chair is aware of the incident and complete an incident report.

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