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Weekly Webcrawl: October 19, 2013

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The photo of the week is called “physical graffiti” and was found on Flickr a week late. The dudes who theorized the bit of physics acknowledged here won the Nobel in Physics last week. Photo by Skott Яeader.

Why do four-day work weeks always seem to last longer than the others? I got precisely zero things completed this week because there just wasn’t enough time! And that, of course, included the webcrawl.

But I’m glad it’s a day late, because it allows me to include this Wired opinion piece on the “darknet,” a parallel internet-verse for the criminals among us, but which offers an interesting answer to all the shenanigans surrounding the NSA’s recently revealed data collection practices.

Sadly, we’d all like to pretend that sexual harassment doesn’t happen, but it does. A lot. Across probably all professional sectors.  Wy should we expect science writing and  journalism to be any different? They’re not. The community was reminded of that this week.

And, finally on a happier note, here’s a great infographic-esque video published in September by fellow-science-writer-friend Aatash Bhatia. It describes why moving through a fluid environment is such a different experience for sperm and sperm whales. It will blow your mind.


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