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A back up primer – how to get started

Purchasing a new computer or upgrading an operating system (OS) on a desktop or laptop computer often impacts programs and files you use on your current system. Impact can range from rendering some older applications unusable because they are incompatible with the new OS to completely erasing all files on your computer. If you are getting […]

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Windows XP users strongly urged to upgrade to Windows 7 by early 2014

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014. Faculty, staff and labs currently using computers running Windows XP will need to upgrade to Windows 7 by April 8, 2014. The ITS Spring 2014 Windows 7 standard image configuration is available and offers the latest software to the Northeastern community. There are serious […]

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New destination for locating software for local download on NUnet image PCs

If you are using a computer in an ITS managed lab or a faculty/staff member with a NUnet imaged PC, there is a new place to look for software available for local download - Software Center. While many software applications are already installed on NUnet imaged PC, sometimes licensing and other factors make it necessary to […]

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Is that InfoCommons computer available? LabMaps now in use

In addition to the upgrades to the InfoCommons, Information Technology Services has now rolled out LabMaps, a system displaying which computer workstations are available and if they are Mac or PC. This effort now makes it easier for members of the Northeastern community to quickly identify how busy the computer lab is and where they would like […]

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Sponsored Accounts 101

Those who need access to university resources, such as visiting professors, lecturers, contractors, consultants and other related roles, can request a sponsored account. Only full-time benefits-eligible directors, faculty members, department heads, managers and hiring supervisors may sponsor an account and only for the department that he/she is in. To apply for a sponsored account, the requestor […]

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High-Speed Backbone Network Upgrade Complete

As demand for bandwidth continually increases across the University’s network, Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the completion of a year-long implementation of the new high-speed network backbone.  All academic and residential buildings on the main campus have been upgraded to the fully redundant 10 gigabit Ethernet network backbone.  This new network, built with […]

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