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Sponsored Accounts 101

Those who need access to university resources, such as visiting professors, lecturers, contractors, consultants and other related roles, can request a sponsored account. Only full-time benefits-eligible directors, faculty members, department heads, managers and hiring supervisors may sponsor an account and only for the department that he/she is in. To apply for a sponsored account, the requestor […]

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Start the academic year off strong – with a strong password

As the fall term starts, SecureNU reminds you to have a strong password. Mashable recently posted a great infographic about password protection, highlighting the Top 10 weakest passwords of 2012. Don’t make your accounts vulnerable with an easy to guess password. To change your password, log into myNEU and click the My Profile icon. Below […]

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Student Email Forwarding Extended until May 2012

In the Fall of 2009, we migrated our student email system to the Husky email system, powered by Google Apps. Prior to the student email migration, all student email addresses were at @neu.edu. With the move to Google Apps, our student email service was mapped to the @husky.neu.edu email domain. To enable a smooth transition […]

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How to set up your mobile device to access your Microsoft Exchange enterprise e-mail and calendar

To set up Outlook on your BlackBerry, iPhone or Droid, search myKnowledge for “Outlook on [name of device]” and click “Search”.  Directions are specific for each device and include screenshots to guide you in the step-by-step installation for your unit. You may access myKnowledge via the link at the top of any page on this website, or […]

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IS Spam Management

The first unsolicited commercial email, now called junk mail or spam, can be traced back to 1978 when a young engineer at DEC, Gary Thuerk, sent a mass-mail announcement about their new DECSystem20 computer to six hundred ARPAnet users. Little did he know then that, by 2010, over 95% of all messages sent over the Internet would be spam. […]

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Spam Protection on the Mac

Mac users have generally been secure in the understanding that the thousands of viruses affecting Windows systems do not affect MacOS. However, in the recent past there has been a proliferation of spyware, some viruses and other attacks that can impact MacOS users. Moreover, MacOS users can still pass on viruses, and are subject to issues related to […]

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