FACT in Blackboard

The Faculty and Advisor Communication Tool (FACT) has moved into Blackboard to help consolidate the number of systems course instructors use. This new version allows for more flexibility for multiple instructors and teaching assistants submitting FACTs, as well as a redefined rating system. Please note that FACTs do not appear on a student’s transcript. FACTs are only used as a method of providing feedback to advisors for early intervention, coaching, and assistance.

For additional technical questions or issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk via email at help@neu.edu, or by phone at 617.373.HELP (x4357), referencing FACT in Blackboard.

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Accessing FACT in Blackboard

  1. Log in to Blackboard from the MyNEU Portal (myneu.neu.edu) or directly (blackboard.neu.edu) using your MyNEU credentials.
  2. From the Blackboard homepage, click on a course title. Alternately, click on the Courses tab, and then a course title.
  3. During time sensitive reporting periods, the "My Course Alerts (FACT)" box on the left‐hand column will contain a list of your courses that have FACTs due, with a reminder of the due date:
  4. After clicking on a course title, expand the Course Tools under the Control Panel. You will see the two menu items for "Course Roster (FACT)" and "Course Roster (Photo Grid)"
  5. Click on the "Course Roster (Photo Grid)" option to view many student photos on one page. This view is ideal for printing. All student photos are available if they have taken or submitted a picture for a Husky card, except for those who are also faculty/staff.
  6. Click on the "Course Roster (FACT)" option to view more details about your students, including their email address and academic program, as well as to view which students require time sensitive reports and to submit FACTs.

Assigning Blackboard Roles

Choosing the proper role in Blackboard dictates access to FACT and other modules in the application. Use the following table when determining the proper role:

Role in Blackboard Can Add Content to the Course? Can Access Grade Center? Can Access FACT? Will Receive Email Notifications from FACT?
(also listed as primary Instructor of record in Banner for the course)
Yes Yes Yes Yes, all
(Both time sensitive report notifications and all notes from advisors)
(not listed as the primary instructor in Banner for the course)
Yes Yes Yes Yes, some
(Will only receive emailed advisor notes regarding students that they submitted FACTs on. Can view all advisor notes from the View/Add Notes section.)
Teaching Assistant Yes Yes Yes Yes, some
(Will only receive emailed advisor notes regarding students that they submitted FACTs on. Can view all advisor notes from the View/Add Notes section.)
Grader No Yes No No
Course Builder Yes No No No

Submitting a FACT

  1. To submit a FACT, use the dropdown menu next to the NU Id. There are four options for submitting a FACT:
    1. A red FACT should be submitted when the student is experiencing serious difficulty in the course.
    2. A yellow FACT is a lower-level warning, and should be submitted when the student can benefit from academic assistance or guidance outside of the standard course material.
    3. A green FACT should be submitted when the student requires a time‐sensitive report and is performing at or above a satisfactory level, or when a student previously received a red or yellow FACT but has since made the necessary improvements.
    4. Report the student missing from your course if they have never attended or have stopped attending without explanation, yet remain registered.
  2. For a red or yellow FACT, first select the high‐level concerns you have. Selecting these values will add concern‐specific fields to the form.
  3. After filling out the concern section, please fill out the suggested actions section. Here, we ask you to clarify what you plan to do with the student regarding your concerns, what you expect from them, and what actions you would like the advisor to take. There is a section for each of those three parts.
  4. Finally, choose whether the student should be emailed a copy of the report. We encourage you to email them so they receive the comments you left for them in the student actions section.
  5. Once complete, click "Submit".

Communicating with the Advisor

  1. Your FACT submissions will be routed to your student’s primary advisor. They will likely communicate with the student via email and face‐to‐face meetings and may send you a note to with an updated status. When an advisor sends a note through FACT, the primary course instructor (as setup in Banner) will receive an email notification, as will any other course instructor or teaching assistant who has submitted a FACT from this course on the student. Please refer to the above section on Blackboard roles for more information.
  2. You can view these notes, as well as submit your own, by selecting the "View/Add Note(s)" menu item from the "Course Roster (FACT)" view. Please note, this option only appears after submitting a FACT for that student. Notes are a great way to continue communicating with the student’s advisor.
  3. Scroll below the student details to enter a new note. Below that you will see a reverse‐ chronological listing of all prior notes. When you submit a note the advisor will receive an email immediately. In addition, other important advisors such as Student Athlete Support Services will also have access to view and add notes.