Blackboard Collaborate

The Blackboard Collaborate platform consists of three core modules along with Collaborate Mobile, which enable users to participate in a webconference on an iPad, iPod or iPhone. See a slideshow presentation below for an overview of each module.

What you need to access and participate in Blackboard Collaborate Web Conference, Instant Message and Voice Authoring:

  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • A Northeastern myNEU account (faculty and students may visit myNEU to obtain their myNEU account)
  • Headset with microphone – See the headset recommendations(PDF) here
  • Webcam (optional)
  • System Test Page – click the link to automatically check the user’s computer to assess whether the necessary requirements are present to run a Blackboard Collaborate web conference session. It will also guide the user on how to get what is necessary and how to run an audio and video check.
  • Essentials for Participant

Please note: If you are using a NUnet Windows computer, you will need the latest version of Java. You can download Java by going to the Start menu>Control Panel>Get Programs(If you are using Windows XP it will be Start menu>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Add New Programs)

Where to access Blackboard Collaborate

  • NU Faculty, Students: go to myNEU and log into Blackboard on the Self-Service tab. Once you select one of your courses, Collaborate can be accessed under the “Tools” tab located on the left hand menu. Depending on the setup of your individual course, a Collaborate link may be visible on the left navigation menu. This is an alternate way to access Collaborate sessions.
  • DMSB Faculty and Staff: go to myNEU and find the Blackboard link on the Services and Links tab. Log into Blackboard, and Collaborate can be accessed under the “Tools” tab located on the left hand menu.Online MBA/MST/MSF: Collaborate sessions are accessed through the Live Sessions link on the left navigation menu.

Learning Resources

  • Participant Orientation (slideshow)
  • Getting Started videos using the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool:The following links are actual recorded Collaborate sessions. Please refer to the System Test Page and if you are using a NUnet computer, please install the latest version of Java using the steps stated above.
  • Additional Video Demos:
  • Quick Start/Reference Guides (PDFs):
  • Instructor-led Classes: Go to our Training page and look for ‘Introducing Blackboard Collaborate’ in the Calendar of Upcoming ITS Training Classes
  • How-to Solutions: Answers to commonly asked Blackboard Collaborate questions may also be found in myKnowledge, the ITS Knowledge Base.

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