Requesting or Submitting Software

Software Licensing and Distribution

Information Technology Services Software Licensing will work with departments that have unique software needs. Software Licensing will negotiate, procure and manage the software licenses and can oftentimes acquire additional services and/or lower licensing costs. If possible, Software Licensing will attempt to identify other departments who have the same need to costshare the purchase – making the software more affordable and more widely available.

You can place a Request for Software Licensing and Distribution by going to myHelp and looking in the Service Catalog (see link in left-hand navigation) under Software Services. See the Get Help x4357 > myHelp Support page to learn more about submitting a request.

Software Submission for Distribution

Faculty and staff can submit new software used for research, teaching and university business for distribution on NUnet for departmental or lab use.

Ample licensing is required to install on NUnet and it is suggested that departments should contact Software Licensing prior to purchasing an application. This may prevent any licensing/integration issues.

The software submission process will:

  • Ensure software viability in the NUnet environment
  • Prevent copyright infringement and guarantee compliance
  • Enable Faculty and Staff to receive the most entitlement for budget funding spent
  • Provide a central location of software licensing documentation
  • Notify software owners of upgrade and, or expiration of a supported application
  • Define level of support for software submitted

If you have purchased the software and want Information Technology Services to distribute it for you:

  • Go to myHelp
  • In the left-hand navigation, select Service Catalog
  • In the Software Services section, select Software Licensing and Distribution
  • If you or your department owns the software, select the option Department Owned Software Distribution Request
  • Complete the required fields (those with a red line to the left of the field name), and the fields related to software use and current ownership status.
  • You will be required to provide:
    • The software itself (physical media or a myFiles or other university internal link to download)
    • Documentation (product and installation instructions)
    • Proof of ownership (receipt, paid invoice, or vendor order confirmation)
    • Original software license (indicating number and type of license)
    • License file and/or activation keys (including license manager tool if needed)
    • Where you want the software distributed
  • Add the request to the cart and check out in the upper right corner. Then Submit Order.
  • A member of the ITS Software Management team will contact you.

Once the software has been obtained and/or verified by Software Licensing, they will pass it on to the Application Integration team to distribute the software via the appropriate distribution method.

Software Submission Schedule
The purpose of the Submission Deadlines is to allow time for testing and installation of multiple applications, along with necessary maintenance activities. Requests will be tested and installed in the order in which they are received. Customers may submit requests after the closing dates; these requests will receive “best-effort” service, where all on-time requests are given priority. Valid software licenses are required for all software installed on the Northeastern network. In order to obtain the best purchase and licensing terms for your software needs, and to reduce the likelihood of licensing and integration difficulties, the software licensing office welcomes your call prior to purchasing a software application. Contact us at

Submission Deadline Date Available Available for Curriculum
October 26, 2012 January 4, 2013 Spring Semester Winter and Spring Quarter
March 8, 2013 May 3, 2013 Summer Semester Summer Quarter
June 28, 2013 August 30, 2013 Fall Semester Fall Quarter
Software Questions, Research and Procurement

Faculty and Staff can submit questions regarding the acquisition of software or request for Software Licensing to investigate, negotiate and procure software.

If you plan to purchase or have questions on purchasing software for University business, research or teaching:

  • Go to myHelp
  • In the left-hand navigation, select Service Catalog
  • In Software Services, click on Search for Available Software
  • After doing a search and finding that the software is not currently available, go back to the Service Catalog
  • In the Software Services section, select Software Licensing and Distribution
  • If you have not yet purchased the software, request assistance for Software Questions, Research and Procurement
  • Complete the fields with the name of the software, a general description of the type of software or the use of the software, the name of the person requesting the information, and any questions you may have regarding the software.
  • Add the request to the cart and check out in the upper right corner. Then Submit Order.
  • Someone from the ITS Software Management team will contact you.

For more information on software installation and to prevent any licensing or integration issues, visit the Software Policy page.