Request for Change (RFC) Process

Campus CircleThe purpose of having a Request for Change (RFC) process is to provide a standardized method and procedure for submitting, reviewing, and handling all changes in a prompt and efficient manner. The RFC process is used to request ITS assistance with a technology project. Additionally, the intent of having an RFC process is to improve the decisions surrounding changes to the systems maintained and supported by the Information Technology Services (ITS), consequently providing more effective, organized services to our customers.

This process is relevant to everyone within ITS, or in other departments of the university requesting ITS involvement with production system changes, and relates to any change to new or existing production services or a service’s components. This process applies to all changes to production services that involve the addition, modification, or removal of authorized, planned, or supported service or service components and its associated documentation. All pilots must also follow the RFC process and subsequent change management processes.

A Request for Change (RFC) is submitted by completing a Change Request through myHelp. The Change Manager will then review your submission and contact you for further details. If the RFC is determined to be less than 2 weeks worth of work, the Change Manager will assign the RFC to the appropriate IS Service Management Team (SMT) for review. Changes that meet any of the following criteria will be escalated and reviewed by the University’s Enterprise Systems Team (EST) prior to being assigned to Information Technology Services to proceed:

  1. The request requires two or more weeks of work OR
  2. The  request results in the introduction of a new technology service OR
  3. The request requires $10,000 or more of funding to complete OR
  4. The request requires significant cross-functional coordination and support OR
  5. The request requires a significant technology architecture change.

Please see the myHelp Support page to learn more about submitting a Change Request.

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