Service Level Agreement (SLA) Authoring


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document between providers of a service and the service’s customers. The SLA describes the service, documents any service level targets, and specifies expectations/responsibilities of the parties involved.

The Service Level Agreement Authoring service provides an initial consultation into what type of agreement needs to be written, follow-up interviews with individuals to determine who is currently responsible for what activities, the authoring of a formal SLA document outlining these roles and responsibilities along with expectations for those involved, and the storage of the signed, agreed upon document.

Service Level Agreements provide clarification supporting who (individual, group, company, etc) is responsible for specific aspects of the service. They are useful for reference when requests and/or changes are suggested that go beyond the scope of the service. SLA’s are also very useful for outlining expectations for users of the service, including service level targets that the service should be meeting (ex: 98% server availability).
Service Level Options
  • Consulting Services Only: This option utilizes Information Technology Services resources and provides the requestor/customer with an outline of what the SLA should look like and act as for the desired outcome of the service in question.
  • Service Offering Outline: This option includes consultation with the owning group and documents an outline of the service expectations in a concise, one-page summary. This does not include a review with impacted users/groups, nor an official signed agreement. The summary is documented and handed over to the service manager/requester for distribution as they see fit.
  • Complete Service Level Agreement: This option includes everything outlined in the Description above. It includes the management of the process, activities, tracking of discussions/decisions, storage of the SLA documentation, and management of the SLA review process.
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Faculty and Staff
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Support is provided by Information Technology Services, specifically the Project and Service Management Office, during normal university business hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday. To obtain assistance with this service, please contact the Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP).
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