Blackboard Mobile Learn

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Access your Blackboard courses, content and communities for interactive teaching and learning anywhere with the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.

Get Started
  1. Download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for your mobile device
  2. Open the app on your device and enter (search for) “Northeastern University”
    (see Note for BlackBerry Users)
  3. Use your myNEU username and password to login

Learn What You Can Do with Blackboard Mobile Learn including:

  • view announcements, grades, and class rosters
  • participate in blogs and discussions
  • access course journals and media
  • track and manage tasks
Online Tutorials

Go to Blackboard Mobile Learn Device Demos for videos specific to your mobile platform.

Features and Limitations

Blackboard Mobile Learn is primarily designed for viewing content and not for uploading content.

  • Students should not expect to be able to take tests, quizzes or surveys; submit assignments; or participate in chat through Blackboard Mobile Learn and instead should use a non-mobile browser for these activities.
  • Faculty should not expect to be able to upload course content; build tests, quizzes or surveys; grade assignments; or adjust Grade Center options through Blackboard Mobile Learn and instead should use a non-mobile browser for these activities.

In addition, some features – particularly Flash, Java-based, or Quicktime video – may not work properly on all devices.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a mobile application created and maintained by Blackboard. Northeastern will enable connectivity to the application, but has no control of the application’s offerings. The current release allows access to limited features and tools within Blackboard. This application is frequently updated (like any mobile application) and new functionality will be offered as Blackboard improves this service.

  • Some third party applications (add-ons) available in Blackboard may not work on Blackboard Mobile Learn.
  • You can provide feedback directly to Blackboard regarding the Blackboard Mobile Learn app by sending email to

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