Top Six Benefits of a NUnet Managed Mac

  1. Software.
    Access to install the latest Northeastern preconfigured licensed software via Self Service option – you no longer need to request software and install it locally. Applications are just there.
  2. NUnet login.
    Login to your computer with your NUnet account and login even when not connected to the NUnet domain (cached accounts) – you will use the same username and password you use to access many other services.
  3. Network Printers.
    Find and set up your department’s NUnet printers quickly and easily.
  4. Security.
    The NUnet managed Mac system by default is a secure computing environment.
  5. Inventory.
    NUnet managed Macs’ hardware and software inventory information is available to those who may need this information in case of a stolen, lost or malfunctioning system.
  6. Support.
    The NUnet-managed Mac system is supported by Information Technology Services Customer Service and we are pleased to assist you with this service. You can have this system easily installed by contacting IS Help and requesting the NUnet-imaged Mac system.