Microsoft Lync Non-NUnet Installation Directions

  1. Login to myNEU and go to the Services & Links tab. In the Faculty/Staff Services section, click on Software Downloads. Select Microsoft Lync.
    1. 32 bit operating systems: Select LyncSetup32
    2. 64 bit operating systems: Select LyncSetup64

    Please note: if you are unsure of your operating system architecture, please contact the Service Desk at x4357.

  2. Save the file to your local computer.
  3. Open the downloaded file to begin the installation. If you are using Windows 7 you may receive the following popup. Click Yes.
  4. Select Install to accept the default installation location. Otherwise select Browse to specify an alternate location.
  5. If any of these applications are open, please save any work in progress and close the applications specified. Select Yes.
  6. Launch Microsoft Lync at the completion of setup by clicking on the Close button.
  7. Enter your login information. Ensure the user ID is in the nunetusername format. The User ID field is your NUNET login. Your email address can only be the email address. An email alias will not work.