How to Install and Configure Outlook 2007 on a non-NUnet PC

Part I: Install Outlook
  1. Log into myNEU ( and go to the Services & Links tab. In the Faculty/Staff Services section, click on Software Downloads. Select Outlook 2007 (Windows) and follow the instructions to download the file to the desktop.
    When you download the Installer, as part of the ReadMe page, you will be given an Installation Number/Product Key. Please print this page or note down the number, as you will need to enter it later in the installation process.
  2. Double click the Outlook 2007 setup.exe file and select Run. You will see the WinZip Self-Extractor.
  3. Click OK. The installation progression bar will appear
  4. Read the software license terms and check ‘I accept the terms of this agreement’ box.
  5. Select the Install Now button
  6. Watch the installation progress
  7. Select Close to complete the installation
Part II: Configure Outlook
  1. Open your newly installed Outlook by going to Start / Programs / Microsoft Office / Outlook 2007. You will see the configuring Outlook Accounts box.
  2. Select Next.
  3. On the Account Configuration screen, select Yes. Then click Next.
  4. Enter your full first and last names and your email address. Enter your NUnet password* and do it again. Then click Next.
  5. You will see this security alert and click Yes to proceed.
  6. Please enter your NUnet username and password*
    (The format for your username MUST be NUnetusername)
  7. You will see this screen. Wait until you see the last item ‘Your email account is successfully configured to use Microsoft Exchange.’
    Click Finish.

Questions? Concerns? If your installation did not go smoothly, please contact the ITS Help Line by calling 617.373.4357 (xHELP) and be sure to convey any error messages you received during the installation process.

*Your myNEU login username and NUnet login username are always the same. Your myNEU password and your NUnet password may possibly be different. If your passwords are different, go to myNEU and click on the “my profile” icon in the upper right corner to change your password and sync all of your passwords to be the same.