myApps for Windows

  1. To use myApps, Windows users must use the remote desktop client. The Windows remote desktop client should already be on your Windows computer. For questions or issues regarding the remote desktop client, visit
  2. Access myApps by typing into Internet Explorer.
  3. When you are prompted to open or save the file, click Open.
  4. When you are prompted to enter your username and password, type NUnetyour NUnet username for your username. Then, type in your NUnet password.  ***Note:  This will NOT work using NUwave-Guest, you must use a valid NUnet account.
  5. A window appears titled Do you trust the computer you are connecting to?. Click Yes at the bottom of that window.

    Sometimes myapps3 will be busy. If it is, you can try or
  6. The myApps desktop appears. You will be prompted to login to your myFiles Webdrive. Use your myNEU credentials to login.
  7. To access applications, click the Start button and then All Programs.
  8. To log out of myApps, click Start then Log off.