Remote Access (VPN) Linux Install

Remote Access Service (VPN) Linux Install Directions and Screenshots
  1. Review the System Requirements below. Ensure that you have the following:
    • Ubuntu 7 or 8, RedHat Linux 3 or Fedora Core 4 through 9, Slackware 11 or 12.1, openSuSE 10 or 10.1 with Firefox 2.0 or later
      Note: Centos and RedHat distributions of Linux require Sun Java in order to work properly and are incompatible with Open JDK.
  2. Go to the Remote Access Network. Once you have read and agreed to the terms, click on the CONNECT button
  3. Login using your NUnet username and password
  4. The Appropriate Use message will appear. Click Continue.
  5. Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client will install and minimize itself in the taskbar (upper right) of your Linux PC.
  6. While AnyConnect is active, you can access most University resources that you would usually be able to access from on campus.
  7. The ability to access the AnyConnect client may require the installation of certain Linux pages prior to attempting to access the VPN.
  8. On a GNOME-based machine, the client will appear in the GUI under Applications Internet.
  9. NOTE: Use Sun Java if you use Centos/RedHat Linux. There may be problems if you use OpenJDK with Centos or RedHat Linux.