E-mail (Faculty and Staff) FAQ

Faculty/Staff Web Browser E-mail

How do I access my email on the Web?
Open a Web browser and type in this address: http://outlook.neu.edu. Login using your myNEU* username and password. (See Get Started > Staff – Academic and Administrative > Your myNEU Account if you have not yet activated your account. Please note that it can take up to an hour for newly created myNEU accounts to be recognized by the Web email system.)

What are some of the features of the Outlook Web based email system?
The Outlook Web based email system has an intuitive look and feel and provides many features (not all features available in all browsers, Internet Explorer recommended) making it possible to:

  • Set “out of office” automatic email replies
  • Search and sort email quickly and easily
  • Use “drag and drop” to manage mail messages (filing, deletion)
  • Create personalized email “stationery”
  • Read encrypted email (You will also be able to read encrypted mail on your NU BlackBerry)
  • View at a glance whether a message has been replied to or forwarded
  • Delegate meetings and tasks
  • Make menu options appear with a right click of your mouse (Ctrl click on the Mac)

What Web browsers are supported by Outlook web access email system?
Internet Explorer 6 & 7 support the full web client, and Firefox 2.0 supports the light version. On the Mac, Outlook Web Access (the light version) works with FireFox 2.0, but does not work with Safari. You can download FireFox from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/.

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Outlook Exchange/Entourage E-mail

How do I get a faculty/staff email (Exchange) Account?
Faculty and staff receive emails accounts when they arrive to the university, but contractors and others affiliated with Northeastern who need email and desktop computer access must obtain sponsored accounts to use these resources. Go to Get Started

I have forgotten my Exchange Password. How can I get a new one?
Call 617.373.4357 (xHELP) for assistance with passwords or any other issues or use myHelp to open a help ticket for a password reset.

How can I learn more about Outlook or Entourage?
You can take a training class with ISCS. Sign up or review class schedule online. Go to Training. You can also search myKnowledge for solutions to specific questions you may have.

How can I find out how to use Outlook/Entourage?
The login page for your email will feature helpful links. IS Training offers sessions as well. Visit the Training section of our Website for more information or search myKnowledge for answers. See myKnowledge Support for tips and tricks for best results.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Contact the IS Help Line 617.373.4357 (xHELP) if you have additional questions or if you need assistance.

I see an “IBM access/deny message” that reappears every time I try to do something on the new email system. What should I do?
The next time the message appears, select remember this decision and then select Allow. By allowing this you will be able to send rich text emails and you will have ctrl-click menu options. Also, you will be able to send email attachments easily.

I want to forward my NEU email to another mail system. How can I do this with Outlook Web Access?
Please contact the Service Desk for assistance. You may email help@neu.edu or call 617.373.4357 (xHELP). For self-service, search the knowledge base, myKnowledge, for an Outlook web email forwarding solution. See myKnowledge Support for tips on searching for the best answers to your questions.

I want to use POP for my NU email. How do I configure my email client for POP?
You cannot, as POP is not a supported protocol at this time.

I use IMAP for my NU email. How do I configure my email client for IMAP?

  • Your email address (e.g., j.smith@neu.edu).
  • Your email password (this is your NUnet password).
  • Your myNEU password (this might be different than your NUnet password.)
  • The outgoing SMTP (send) email server: smtpauth.neu.edu
    • Port: 587 (an SSL port)
    • Username: myNEU username
    • Password: myNEU password
  • Incoming IMAP (receive) email server: outlook.neu.edu
    • Port: 993 (an SSL port)
    • Username: NUnet username
    • Password: NUnet password
  • E-mail applications which can use IMAP:
    • Thunderbird
    • Mac Mail
    • Opera Mail
    • Eudora
    • Blackberry BIS

NOTE: The outgoing email server requires a secure connection. On your email client, you must select ‘use SSL.’

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Outlook for Mac

Office for Mac 2011 includes the new Outlook for Mac with a similar look and feel to the current versions of Outlook for Windows. You will be able to access your faculty/staff Northeastern email (see support page How to Set Up Outlook for Mac 2011) using Outlook on a Mac in the same way that you access it on a Windows PC. Outlook for the Mac also supports migration of account information from Entourage. (Entourage users can continue to use this application concurrently with Outlook.)

See the Office 2011 for Mac page for more information and helpful resources.

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Quick References and Other Resources

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*Note for Faculty and Staff: Your myNEU login username and NUnet login username are always the same. Your myNEU password and your NUnet password may possibly be different. If your passwords are different, go to myNEU and click on the “my profile” icon in the upper right corner to change your password and sync all of your passwords to be the same. email

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