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myHelp is your gateway to Information Technology Services Customer Support. Use myHelp:

  • to request technical support when you need assistance
  • to report a service outage when something is not working
  • to request or order products and services that are provided by Information Technology Services
  • to manage and track your open Customer Support requests

Using myHelp

When you login to myHelp, you will arrive at the Homepage. The left hand navigation contains links to everything you can do on myHelp. Some things you may do on myHelp:

  • Report an Issue / Incident
    • From the myHelp Homepage, select ‘Report an Issue’ from the Quick Links section.
  • Request Products or Services (from the Service Catalog)
    • The Service Catalog is a list of ITS products and services that are available by request. The Service Catalog contains an individual page for each service or product with a description of the service, a form to be filled out, and a shopping cart in which to order/request the product or service.
    • To request a new service, start by selecting either the ‘Service Catalog’ link, or the link to ‘Request Products or Services (from the Service Catalog).
    • See the entire ITS Service Catalog (including additional offerings not in myHelp) under Services on this website.
  • Submit an RFC
    • If you have access to this feature, you will see this link within the Quick Links section on the myHelp Homepage.
    • Learn more about the Request for Change (RFC) Process on this website.

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myHelp FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How do I log in to myHelp?
    Use your myNEU* username and password to login directly to myHelp. If you are already logged in to myNEU, simply click on the myHelp link.
  • How can I get assistance with something that is not working as it should?
    You can Report an Issue (see above, in Using myHelp).
  • How can I request a service that is offered by ITS?
    You can Request Products or Services (see above, in Using myHelp)
  • How do I know what services are offered by ITS?
    All services which are available by request are listed in the Service Catalog section of myHelp. (Additional offerings may appear under in the entire catalog under Services on this website.)
  • What is an Incident?
    An Incident is an unplanned interruption to a Service or a reduction in the quality of a Service provided and supported by Information Technology Services (ITS).
  • What is the Service Catalog?
    The Service Catalog is an official list of services offered to the Northeastern University community and supported by Information Technology Services (ITS). The Service Catalog within myHelp lists the services and products that are currently available to request. You can view the entire ITS Service Catalog under Services on the IS Website as well.

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Information Technology Services Service Desk

If you need further assistance using myHelp, please call the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or send an email to For further information about the services offered by ITS, please check out the complete ITS Service Catalog, on this website under Services, which has detailed information about the services we offer.

For more general information and help on all ITS related services, please see myKnowledge. A link to myKnowledge is also located on myNEU. Login to myNEU and check the Self-Service tab (students) or the Services & Links tab (faculty/staff). For tips and tricks searching the knowledge base for the best results in finding solutions, see our myKnowledge Support page.

*Note for Faculty and Staff: Your myNEU login username and NUnet login username are always the same. Your myNEU password and your NUnet password may possibly be different. If your passwords are different, go to myNEU and click on the “my profile” icon in the upper right corner to change your password and sync all of your passwords to be the same.

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