Sponsored Accounts

Student and Consultant

Sponsored Accounts

Vendors, contractors or consultants performing work for Northeastern University will often require community portal (myNEU), campus network (NUnet) and/or secure wireless (NUwave) access. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring department, lab or business office to authorize and Request a Sponsored Account. See the Sponsored Account Requests page to apply online.

Once you’ve activated your sponsored account, please visit our Get Help x4357 and Services pages to learn more.

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NUwave Wireless Access

Sponsored accounts must use NUwave, the secure wireless network, as it provides access to NUnet and the Internet, see NUwave Wireless Network FAQs for details.

NUwave-guest Wireless Access

Vendors, contractors and consultants who do not have Sponsored Accounts may use NUwave-guest while visiting on campus.

  • NUwave-guest is the open access (not secured) wireless network on campus. NUwave-guest is available in all administrative and classroom buildings, as well as residential common areas and libraries.
  • NUwave-guest has limited Internet access to most browser-based applications, email and VPN access. To access NUwave-guest, you will need a wireless network card installed on your computer and you will need to be in one the NUwave service areas. If you are running Windows XP, Vista or 7, or Mac OS 10.2 or newer, your computer will most likely automatically detect NUwave-guest.

For more information, see the NUwave Wireless Access FAQs or contact the Service Desk to Get Help x4357.

Other Resources

If you will be working with faculty on campus, involved in teaching and learning activities, or participating in academic research, you may also find these pages helpful:

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Husky Cards

Review the new process for issuing NU ID numbers and HuskyCards to contractors, non-benefits eligible employees, research assistants and visiting scholars: Husky Card Authorization Form (PDF)

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