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myKnowledge is a searchable knowledge base with over 107,000 solutions to answer your technology hardware and software questions. Topics include Windows and Mac operating systems through Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6/Snow Leopard, as well as for PDAs such as iPhone, iPad, Palm, and BlackBerry. Topics also include commonly used commercial software (Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc.)

There are also over 1,500 Northeastern-specific solutions (labeled with the paw icon paw icon) covering NU-specific information such as services and links on myNEU, how to operate classroom technology, and questions about account usernames and passwords.

myKnowledge has answers to specific hardware and software questions or problems, particularly for those items provided by NU’s Information Technology Services.

Simply enter your search terms — the software or hardware you are using, or the task you are trying to accomplish, for example — and search the knowledge base. A list of hyperlinked “solutions” — potential answers to your question — will be returned.

myKnowledge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Where can I find myKnowledge?
    You can access myKnowledge from several locations. There are featured login links available on the Information Technology Services website (see the top of this page or any other page in this site), inside myHelp, and in the myNEU portal.
  • How do I log in to myKnowledge?
    Use your myNEU* username and password to login directly to myKnowledge and gain access to over 107,000 solutions, including over 1,500 Northeastern-specific entries. If you are already logged in to myNEU or myHelp, simply click on the myKnowledge link.
  • Who can use myKnowledge?
    myKnowledge is available to full-time Northeastern faculty and staff, faculty and staff with sponsored accounts, and students.
  • How do I search the knowledge base?
    Search myKnowledge using at least 3 words. Include the specific name of the hardware or software of concern. Searching on “Outlook 2007 calendar appointment” will produce far better results than “email calendar”.
Tips and Tricks for using myKnowledge
  • Favorites: If you find a solution you know you will need again, save it to your Favorites by clicking on Add to Favorites in the lower left side of the solution.
  • Preferences: In the upper right corner of myKnowledge, click on Preferences to select the subject areas which apply to you.  After making your selections, you will see only those results which apply to equipment or applications you use.
  • Advanced Search: myKnowledge searches for each word in your search string.  If you want to narrow your results, use a plus sign (+) between words that should be treated as one unit, for example, Outlook+2007 or myNEU+password.

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*Note for Faculty and Staff: Your myNEU login username and NUnet login username are always the same. Your myNEU password and your NUnet password may possibly be different. If your passwords are different, go to myNEU and click on the “my profile” icon in the upper right corner to change your password and sync all of your passwords to be the same.