ResponseWare Clickers

Clickers provide an alternative method to engage students while also providing real-time assessment of student comprehension. For students, clickers provide a means to actively participate in class without having to raise their hands, and are particularly effective in large classes. Northeastern currently supports the TurningPoint software solution. Faculty can create polls/quizzes on the fly or integrate quizzes into PowerPoint presentations. Students have the option to respond with ResponseCard clickers or through ResponseWare via any web-enabled device. In addition to polling and reporting, Turning Technologies’ clickers and software integrate with Blackboard, allowing instructors to import the class roster and to export grades and attendance information.

Below are some examples of how clickers are used in the classroom. Instructors often use this technology to:

  • Review questions in the form of games, played individually or in teams
  • Conduct opinion surveys and provide visual representations
  • Administer pre-tests to measure students’ entry knowledge
  • Administer post-tests to measure mastery of course content
  • Provide visual feedback to students of how they compare to peers
  • Re-poll in same session to measure gains in understanding
  • Promote collaboration by assigning groups and then encouraging discussion and consensus building
  • Generate instant feedback on a question, issue or calculation
  • Increase communication and participation
  • Capture formative and summative assessment by measuring student preparation, understanding or satisfaction
  • Gather research data

NOTE: As of January 2013 Northeastern supports TurningPoint 5. This version is quite different from the prior supported version. Training is advised prior to classroom use.

TurningPoint 5 (clicker software)

FACULTY – Turning Technologies clicker software is available on all Northeastern University classroom computers. The software is located in the “utilities” folder. TurningPoint 5 is also available as a free download. For installation on a personal laptop, visit the Turning Technologies Software Downloads page.


FACULTY – PresenterCards allow faculty to ‘step away’ from the computer and still have the ability to start/stop polls, navigate through slides and show/hide the TurningPoint software window—all remotely. See the directions on how to setup PresenterCard. Read more about PresenterCards.

FACULTY – RF Receiver reads the selections made by the student on the ResponseCard. It is a “plug and play” USB RF receiver with no driver installation necessary. It allows for a 200-foot range (400-foot coverage) and does not need a “line of sight” with the ResponseCard keypads.

FACULTY – Professors looking to get started with clickers should order an instructor kit, which includes a receiver, a response card and a presenter card, by filling out this form: Instructor Kit Order Form.

Two Student Device Options:
ResponseWare (web-enabled device) and ResponseCard (clicker)

FACULTY – If students are using ResponseCards, faculty will need to make a request for a receiver with the ITS Service Desk at x4357. If students are using ResponseWare, faculty will need to make a request for an account to enable mobile devices. An email with instructions will be sent to instructors from Turning Technologies to complete the account creation process.

  1. ResponseWare is a subscription service that can be used on laptops, smartphones, iPhones, or any device that has Internet connectivity. This web-based product requires WiFi/internet connection, a faculty account, and student subscriptions.The price for using ResponseWare varies based on the plan a student chooses (e.g, from $12/six mo. license to $35/4 yr. license). Pricing models can be found at the Turning Technology Store. Use discount code: 1pHq (not case sensitive).
  2. Students can purchase ResponseCards (clickers) at cost (e.g. $30), plus a flat $4.95 shipping and handling fee from the Turning Technology Store with the discount code. Use discount code: 1pHq (not case sensitive). ResponseCards (clickers) can be purchased online (Amazon, eBay, etc.) but students will need to make sure that they are purchasing the correct model.

FACULTY can also place an order for ResponseCards (clickers) with the bookstore through the same process as ordering a textbook. The bookstore does not carry a surplus of ResponseCards (clickers). The bookstore sets the price of the ResponseCards purchased from the bookstore.

The NU Bookstore will buy back clickers in working order that were purchased through them. Buyback is available only during the bookstore’s normal buyback period. This process is the same as textbook buyback. Please contact the bookstore directly at 617.373.2286 for sales and buyback questions/concerns. Students should consider keeping their clicker, since future classes in which they are enrolled may also use this technology.

NOTE: Although ResponseCards (clickers) and ResponseWare devices can work simultaneously with Turning Technologies software, it is recommended that faculty choose one device option and communicate that choice to students. (ResponseWare is normally the student preference.)

Blackboard Gradebook Integration

Turning Technologies allows instructors to track participation and assign points to students using clickers. Student points, attendance, etc. can then be uploaded into the Blackboard Gradebook.

FACULTY – To learn how to use the Gradebook integration feature, please review the following videos.
Note: Directions vary depending on the version of Blackboard and the version of Turning Technology software you are using:

STUDENTS must register their ResponseCard (clicker remote) or ResponseWare subscription in the Blackboard course. To register a device, click on “Clicker Registration” in the “Links” section of Blackboard. The Device ID can be found on the back on the Clicker. For ResponseWare devices, the Device ID is located in the student account information once you login to the ResponseWare website.


Turning Technologies offers virtual training for faculty. Click on the link below to register for training.



Documentation and Instructional Videos TurningPoint 5

Video Instructions for TurningPoint Powerpoint

Video Instructions for TurningPoint Anywhere

ResponseWare Guide

Presenter Card



Note: Directions may vary depending on version of software you are using.

Contact Turning Technologies technical support for downloads, online tutorials, online training sessions, guides and manuals, etc.:

Also see:

To request receivers or a ResponseWare account, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP).