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Turning Technologies clicker and response device enables assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. The technology creates interactive presentations, but is proven to enhance effective instruction, increase retention, engage participants, and immediately assess understanding.
TurningPoint software makes it very easy for instructors to "real-time" engage and assess the student. For the student, TurningPoint make is easy to participate, especially in large classrooms.

This service provides the following features and functionality:
TurningPoint 5 software is available for download direct from the vendor and is pre-populated on NUnet classroom computers. The major features are:

  • Creation on the fly quizzes, surveys or assessments.
  • Easy question configuration
  • Integrates with PowerPoint giving the ability imbed polling into existing presentations.
  • Integrates with Blackboard to export participants (rosters) and import grades and attendance
  • Manage Quiz/session data to see total points, set benchmarks, etc.
  • Reporting engine with customizable view and many formats for export

Response Devices and Receivers
ResponseCards (clickers) – small keypads that students can purchase, register in Blackboard and use in any course using TurningTechnologies
ResponseWare – a subscription service that enables the student to respond to polls/quizzes using a laptop, smartphone or tablet device. The students can also register in Blackboard with ResponseWare. Note: a connection to the internet is necessary to participate/connect.
Receivers – USB RF receivers are a "plug and play" device that plugs into the computer presenting the poll. This is only necessary if any students are using ResponseCards.

Service Level Options
Dependent Services
Faculty and Students
Faculty, Staff, and Students
Hours of Availability
Service is available during class hours of 7:30am – 10:00pm Monday – Thursday and 7:30am – 6:00pm on Friday. Service can be made available for specific needs on a requested basis.
Contact Turning Technologies technical support for downloads, online tutorials, online training sessions, guides and manuals, etc.:

There is no charge for the software or receivers. Students pay a nominal fee for a subscription to ResponseWare or for ResponseCards. See the ResponseWare Clickers page for more information.
Request for Service

To request receivers or a ResponseWare account, contact the Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP).

This service can also be requested electronically be visiting myHelp and submitting a self-service request online.

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