iPad Apps For Teaching and Learning

More and more, faculty and students are relying on iPads and tablet devices to produce and consume information related to education. Below are some free or inexpensive apps that can help enhance teaching, learning, and collaboration, along with a few videos showing how they are used.

  • SyncSpace (Free) is a whiteboard app that provides the ability to sync over the internet so multiple people can view or work on a board at the same time. See Apple’s SyncSpace page for more information.
  • ZigZag Board (Free) is a whiteboard app that users can use to collaborate in real-time. The limitation with ZigZag is the inability to use/upload images but the whiteboard feature is sizable making it easy to increase or decrease workspace. See this ZigZag Board YouTube video for more information.
  • Jot Whiteboard is similar to ZigZag Board but the free version can only participate in a real-time collaboration. The $.99 app will need to be purchased to initiate a session. See this Jot Whiteboard YouTube video for more information.

What is interesting about the above whiteboard apps is that they are not just tools used to project information or lectures in the classroom. They also provide a synchronous environment for collaboration.

Below are two applications that work similarly to Tegrity, Jing or Captivate. These technologies are asynchronous and are great for presentations, tutorials and lectures.

  • Explain Everything ($2.99) is a screencasting app that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations or presentations. See this Explain Everything YouTube video for more information.
  • Doodlecast Pro ($3.99) is similar to Explain Everything but a bit easier to use.

Useful Sites
The iPadagogy YouTube Channel showcases many apps and best practices around tools that aid in teaching and learning.

Scoop it pulls articles that focus on use of iPads in education from all over the web.

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