High-Speed Backbone Network Upgrade Complete

As demand for bandwidth continually increases across the University’s network, Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the completion of a year-long implementation of the new high-speed network backbone.  All academic and residential buildings on the main campus have been upgraded to the fully redundant 10 gigabit Ethernet network backbone.  This new network, built with Juniper Network components, will provide scalable and responsive services for current and future academic and research endeavors such as increased network-based video utilization in classrooms and residential halls, large image modeling in research, and greater unified communications support.

To ensure that all of the Northeastern community can take full advantage of these improvements, Information Technology Services will continue to upgrade building-specific network components over the coming months.

For more information about the network backbone upgrade, please contact Bob Whelan, Director, Network & Telecommunication Services at r.whelan@neu.edu.

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