IS Recommends Upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 for Apple Mobile Devices

Apple has just released a software update (called iOS 6.0.1) that is expected to fix some bugs in the new version of the iOS 6 mobile operating system, including problems related to Exchange calendar syncing and problems (on iPhone 5) with being able to install software updates wirelessly over the air.

If you are using an Apple mobile device with iOS 6, we recommend that you immediately install the iOS 6.0.1 software update. You can do this wirelessly by clicking on Settings on your mobile device, then General and Software Update, or via iTunes.

iOS 6 brought over 200 new features, including a more empowered Siri voice assistant, better integration with Facebook, and the ability to conduct FaceTime calls over cellular connections. The major improvements, however, are in the new or updated apps that are built into iOS. For instance, users of dedicated mapping apps such as AT&T’s Navigator will find that Apple’s new Maps application now provides turn-by-turn directions, and Instapaper users will find that Safari now supports the saving and offline viewing of entire Web pages, not just links. The new Passbook application allows users to aggregate boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons an loyalty cards, allowing them to stop carrying a wallet full of plastic.

However, as we updated you last week, there have been various issues reported with this new release, some of which are expected to be fixed with the iOS 6.0.1 update. It does not fix some issues reported with the Maps application.

We are testing a beta release of iOS 6.1 that Apple expects to release in the new few weeks, which is expected to make some improvements to Maps and to third-party applications that use this service.

For further information on the security updates in iOS 6.0.1, please visit the Apple Security Updates website. For further information on the Exchange syncing issues we had updated you on last week, please visit the Exchange Team Blog.

If you need assistance with your mobile device, please contact the Information Technology Services Service Desk at x4357 or

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