Enhancements to the Free Print Management Service

In response to student feedback, Information Technology Services has made several changes to the free print allowance service for this academic year.

  • Additional Printer Locations – Are you planning a meeting in the newly renovated Curry Student Center (CSC)? For your convenience, printers will be added during the Fall term to several floors of the CSC. Also, working with the College of Professional Studies, the lab printers located on the Broad Street campus and in 5 Hayden Hall will be joined to the service and students will be able to release their printing at these locations using their Husky Card.

    We are currently working with departments, colleges and schools to continue the expansion. Other locations are being considered and will be announced as the service becomes available.

  • Print Allowance – All students will receive $120 worth of free Print Bucks for use during the entire 2012-2013 academic year. The next free allotment of Print Bucks will occur in September 2013. You will still be able to print using your Husky Dollars after your free Print Bucks are spent.

  • Longer Print Job Retention – Print Jobs will now remain available to print for 6 hours if you print from a computer in an IS lab, and 36 hours if you print from your personal laptop or desktop. The additional time before print jobs expire will allow you to pick up printing later in the day, or retrieve your Husky Card if forgotten.

  • Print Job Execution – To ensure that printing is released to the student who initiated the printing, you must have your current Husky Card to print.

  • Print Application Software Update – If you are using your personal laptop or desktop computer to print, you must go to Software Downloads on myNEU and download the Windows or Mac version of the "Virtual Print Client for Free Print Allowance" system software. If you have installed the print client system software previously, you must uninstall the previous version, and download the new system software.

For information on how to uninstall a previous version or install and use the Virtual Print Client system software, visit myKnowledge on myNEU or the Print Management page on this site.

Posted in 2012 September IS Newsletter.