Symantec Endpoint Protection, Version 12 – Available for Mac and Windows

The newest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection, SEP version 12, has been released! Importantly, SEP12 is available for both Windows and OSX. The newest version of Symantec offers increased protection against new and emerging malware threats, and remains free of charge for all students, faculty, and staff for personal use. Just log into myNEU, select the Self-Service tab, choose Software Downloads, and follow the prompts to download the correct version of the software (Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, or OSX.)

Windows: We encourage all Windows users to upgrade to SEP12 as soon as possible. If you already have SEP11 installed on your computer, you will not need to uninstall that program; the installer will upgrade your version of SEP automatically. If you have a different antivirus solution installed (including Norton and SAV10), you must first uninstall that program before installing SEP12. If you live on campus, make sure you have a valid, up-to-date antivirus solution installed before connecting your computer to ResNet!

OSX: For years, OSX computers have been considered “virus-proof”, but that is no longer the case. Recent OSX malware breakouts, such as the Flashback bot, have demonstrated the need for a reliable OSX antivirus solution. Northeastern IS has conducted extensive testing of SEP12 for OSX, and we are satisfied that it not only meets our community’s need for OSX malware protection, but that it does not “hog” computer resource and slow down the user experience. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are running Windows on your Mac, either using Boot Camp or virtualization, install SEP12 on both OSX and Windows for complete protection.​

Posted in 2012 September IS Newsletter.