Faculty/Staff Email Upgrade

Information Technology Services is in the process of moving faculty and staff user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, conference rooms and distribution lists to Microsoft Exchange 2010 over the next several weeks, as part of our faculty and staff email system upgrade.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides a significantly improved and consistent web interface over the previous version, for all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It also integrates more seamlessly with other enterprise collaboration services in the University including Microsoft SharePoint and Lync instant messaging. Other notable features and improvements recipient out-of-office notification while composing an email, conversation views, distribution list moderation and self-service capabilities.

We have worked to make the migration process mostly transparent to you, and you will continue to have access to your email during the move. The move process will take place overnight and complete before university business hours. In order to minimize any delegation issues, we will be moving users to Exchange 2010 by division. You should expect to receive notification of your scheduled move one week in advance.

To help ensure a successful migration, we ask that you visit the Information Technology Services email upgrade web pages and undertake a few simple steps to prepare for the move. These changes, primarily to your mobile device configuration, can be made ahead of time, will only take a few minutes, and will make your move more seamless.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Service Desk (x4357, help@neu.edu).

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