ResponseWare, Next Generation Clickers

Currently Northeastern supports Turning Technologies ResponseCards (clickers), which are used in the classroom to quiz and poll students. ResponseCards are used along with TurningPoint and TurningPoint Anywhere, that acts as both the quiz creation software and the response system. TurningPoint integrates with PowerPoint to create a quiz or poll and with Blackboard to allow the import of rosters and the export of grades.

The next evolution of the service is ResponseWare, a web-based polling application that lets participants respond with mobile devices and computers. Participants using smartphones, laptops and other Internet-connected devices can respond in real-time to interactive polling questions. Results are immediately transferred through data plans to Turning Technologies software installed on the instructor stations in the classroom or on the faculty laptop.

Faculty can now offer both options to the students in the classroom with minimal changes to the current quiz (clicker only) method. In addition to using the receiver that receives the clicker information, the faculty will be able to generate a Session ID that they can give to the ResponseWare (mobile device) students. Information from the receivers/clickers and mobile devices can be stored, displayed and imported.

This new service is now available. Faculty will be able to call the Help Desk at X4357 or go to myHelp to request an account for ResponseWare.

For more information see the ResponseWare Clickers page

Additional resources are provided by the vendor, Turning Technologies:

Posted in 2012 Spring IS Newsletter.