Classrooms Upgraded to Include Computers

Before the end of Spring semester, 29 classrooms will be upgraded to include an instructor’s computer. This will bring the total of classrooms with computers to over 130 rooms in 20 different buildings. Twenty-five of the new installations include a new lectern containing the computer and a DVD/VCR combination player. To retain the same number of seats, the remaining four rooms have a wall-mounted rack with these same items. As part of the standard, presenters will still be able to connect a laptop to the projector and the Internet.

Directions for operating the equipment are posted in each room and are also available in Information Technology Services’ knowledge base. The knowledge base, myKnowledge, is available to faculty, staff, and students on myNEU. Search for the room number and building, e.g., 200 RI, and you will see the instructions containing a link to print them out, and, for most rooms, a link to the panorama to get a 360 degree look at the classroom configuration.

Contact Information Technology Services Help Line at (617) 373-4357 or if you need additional information or assistance.

Posted in 2012 Spring IS Newsletter.