Appointment Calendar Phase 2 Release

Appointment Calendar provides an integrated calendar application for scheduling advising appointments. The application allows advisors to have a high level of control over setting availability for student appointments. It also provides students with an intuitive front-end for viewing advisor availability and booking appointments. The functionality fully integrates calendar entries between Salesforce and Outlook in a near real-time model.
Since Appointment Calendar’s initial release in May 2011, nearly all of the academic advisors have begun using the application, making it the universal advising application at the University. The Phase 2 release provides enhancements that were identified by both advisors and students. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Advisor Based Enhancements:
    • Ability to set whether or not students can book consecutive blocks when booking an appointment.
    • An advisor can show more than 3 weeks of appointments to students.
    • Able to notify students that they did not show for their appointment.
    • Can cancel an entire block of appointments (or grouping) with the same custom cancellation text
    • Able to email everyone with a booked appointment on a particular day
    • In Outlook, can indicate that an appointment is phone call, skype, walk-in, or drop-in. Can also include a phone number.
    • Able to reassign an appointment/block of appointments to another advisor
    • Able to post vacation, out-of-office, and other time as needed.
    • Able to create appointments that a group of students can sign up to attend (i.e. resume building tips session).
  • Student Based Enhancements:
    • The appointment entry end time defaults based on the selected start time.
    • Display on the calendar an advisor’s student appointment time. Indicate which time has been booked and which time is still available for booking.
    • Include advisor phone number information on the filter and profile pages.
    • Appointment cancellation allows for the student to enter a reason and confirms that the student truly does want to cancel the appointment.
    • Students can reserve a spot in a group meeting (i.e. resume building tips session) until the attendee cap has been reached.

Another portion of the Phase 2 release is the availability of Student Online Training Videos. The new videos will explain certain features of the application and demonstrate to students how to accomplish common tasks. Additionally, new Advisor Online Training Videos demonstrating the new features have been created. All videos are available on the Appointment Calendar support pages.

Posted in 2012 Spring IS Newsletter.