Alert: Recent Phishing Emails

In the past we have updated the community on various social engineering attempts by hackers to "Phish" personal information, using familiar or plausible emails which require you to respond to preserve service. Recently, members of the University Community may have received an email claiming to be from a member of the Information Technology Services leadership team. This email attempts to have the recipient click on a link and enter their account details in an external website, which is not associated with the University.

Once again we remind you that Northeastern University will never require you to give your password in this way. Your credentials and passwords are not required to do any kind of system maintenance or upgrades. Any such communication, despite who it purports to be from is spurious in nature and should be deleted without reply or action. These groups and individuals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to Phish information, and our greatest defense is your continued vigilance.

The University Community has made great strides over the past few years in becoming educated and aware in matters of information security. It is through our shared responsibility that we secure and protect our valuable information resources and continue to serve our students.

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